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I just dreamt while listening to Tom Waits' "Down There By The Train" that I was playing his vinyls as video games on an old broken TV with boxes everywhere in my old neighborhood, with a main setup down the street under a sky at dawn. My old home economics teacher didn't find her way through a snowy but also autumn-esque park near there and she was wearing a neon green wig and she was with an extremely old confused lady and another middle-aged friend that also both wore neon green wigs. I had to show them the way out of the park to the kindergarten when I realized that I never even heard of a kindergarten being there but then we found the exit and the old woman was thanking me but also seemed very sad and as if she wasn't going to live much longer, she was coughing a lot. When I passed the red blinking lights of the brothel of the area a public phone next to it started ringing, my father was crying on the phone while my mother was shouting at him and I was just smirking at the voices and hung up. But the conversation reminded me that I wanted to go and remove the pair of boxes I hid in the wooden tunnel that somehow led to a door in my old home of my parents but kinda into the middle of the apartment instead of the front. From my father's reflection that somehow went through the peephole I could tell that he was trying to slowly peek into the tunnel but I pressed myself against the darkness and he just shut the door tighter. I didn't find the boxes and started to run around the foggy blue-toned neighborhood while wondering why the music of Tom Waits kept at the same kind of volume wherever I went, there were just slight differences. And then, after putting on a vinyl video game where Tom was dressed like a swing singer of the 30s, in all-white with a white hat and you could maneuver him through a city that looked like San Fran, I kinda had a vision of Antony Hegarty singing the song that was playing. The dream switched from thrid person of myself into a point-of-view kinda thing and I was in an old run down bar with blue mist all around and a big stage. There were a bunch of aggressive dancers around Antony. I couldn't really make out any crowd besides me at all. Antony was sitting on a big broad shimmery armchair and the dancers kept turning him on that armchair with an abrupt movement while he just kept singing. He was dressed like on the cover of the Antony And The Johnsons selftitled album and the dancers looked like bondage strippers. The musicians were classical ones with violins for some reason and cellos, even though none of these instruments play in that Tom Waits song, and these classical musicians seemed displeased with the surreal performance of Antony and the dancers. Suddenly the swing version of Tom from the 30s was on stage and started playing the drums crouched down and very softly, my two hands reached out in front of me to start a drumroll but he pushed them away because there obviously wasn't supposed to be a drumroll there. So the concert ended and I woke up. Jesus.

Schuljahr beendet!

I have somewhat lost motivation for writing anything new in my livejournal. I usually use these types of things as a time filler, and lately I haven't had that much time. Well, not true, my life hasn't suddenly become exciting and adventurous (sadly), but I can say that I've been doing more stuff.
To me it feels more like I'm doing it all for the other people though, like going to events, visiting someone at home or helping others with school (I don't really seem to have any trouble at school, not even in math). I'm kinda missing out on more meaningful conversations, which is weird since I can force them whenever I want and still end up not being satisfied with it at all the next morning. I'm like some sort of psychological and philosophical black hole, I can just keep on sucking in other peoples thoughts and issues without ever getting enough of it or being sick of it. That's probably why I'm trying to get my first internship for school at a centre for people with psychosocial problems. I think that it would be very interesting and it's my first choice, only problem is that I have to get the usual paperwork ready for it.

School in general is fun tho, I'm gonna do a full-hour presentation on Metal and its subgenres as well as its history, completely with the use of a strobe light and Iron Maiden. But even when I'm trying kinda hard to keep stuff interesting for me there's always a feeling of routine settling in very fast, that's how it's always been. I would love to spice things up even more, but I don't really see any more possibilities. Maybe I should join the gym or some martial arts club, but I know that I wouldn't end up with the endurance to keep at it. Most likely I just need a new love in my life, shit's always so shallow without one.

This winter is killing me too, I only really feel like going outside and doing something when it's hot. So now I'm mostly just hanging around the house, drinking on weekends, watching movies, studying or going to concerts.

But yeah, that's it from my side as a general update for everyone. Even when everything seems to have changed (in terms of my social role and my personality that's the way it feels like for my parents), the important stuff never really does. Man, why can't there be some more action here?

So yeah...

...been back on the net for a while. Just as a status message: the virus APPEARS to be gone (had to attack via some DOS commands and Linux software w/e, but we didn't get any more abuse e-mails from the internet provider so far)

Apart from that I'm back in school atm, but have been feeling kinda sick these past 2 days, seems like i caught something. Hopefully it'll be gone till monday.

I also recently got my 1TB HDD, which rocks the shit out of me. I'm getting so many files I can barely keep up with going through all of them. ;O

I'll be gone from the internet for a while

massive virus trojan spam mail problems garbage, my internet provider is already threatening to cut my line.

so basically i'll be gone for the next days, probably just gonna be for around a week, but can't say for sure.

so see y'all then.




yah i'm such a cool kid


check out my life it's goddamn important :thumbsup:

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This is bullshit

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The date match smells about completely right, but everything about my profile is just stupid. I don't care about politics and I probably wouldn't vote all that liberal, even though it's expected of me. And how does stylish fit with the other two? That's a paradox basically. Style matters tho, that's true in some way.

The Man Who Was There [ Berlin II ]

Watchmen Movie Review


They pretty much ruined it, dumbed it down for the masses by removing any kind of literate and spiritual merit the comic had.

From a book-esque sentimental ironic detective story to an action packed grimdark trendflick that's definately more of a comic than a book.

I am now convinced that Snyder just got his hands on the right comic for his talents when he directed 300, the guy only can do action and seems to enjoy the comedy parts of stuff that's supposed to be taken serious. Kinda like the people that watch Cowboy Bebop for the fanservice and Trigun because Vash is so funny sometimes. That's how this guy places his emphasis on something when he does adaptions, if he were to direct a Transmetropolitan movie it would be full of sci-fi comedy and explosions. Ridiculously embarassing.

My two most favorite Watchmen scenes were crippled and left bleeding. The first one being Manhatten holding the photograph and letting it slip through his hands, the style from the comic was completely ignored just to give the viewer a more simplistic flashback and a way too boring plot progression. In the comic his monologue is like a gigantic poem, always skipping a few lines, never letting the reader rest for a single moment. Since y'know that's kinda the thing about Manhatten, you're not supposed to be able to follow his superior thought process. The second scene they ruined was the Rorscharch moments with his prison psychiatrist, the whole REASON for even INCLUDING the character in the story is because of the whole 'the abyss stares back at you' statement, they left out the psychiatrists character development thus making him only appear for yet another lame rundown of a flashback that should've been a lot more emotional than it was.

I mean, they had to get rid of scenes I know. I just don't like how he'd rather show the porn comic of the old Silk Spectre instead, cause you just gotta love those funny comedy moments, right? And besides, what happened to just stopping at one part in a movie without resolving everything and then just doing a second part? The old Star Wars movies are great and why? Because they didn't try to compress the whole plot in one movie just so there could be a resolved end. But Watchmen just seemed to care about using up all their budget on one movie instead of splitting it up in favor of the story.

I have to say that my favorite Rorschach moment was decent though, the part with him pouring the hot frying fat over the prison inmate. That entire segment with him and the inmates riot and interaction was the only decent adaption, and yet it was still way too deformed due to the major changes in its surrounding character and background designs. The movie felt rushed and not at all very detailed, as many people seem to claim.

The actors were pretty badly chosen too. Alexander the Great didn't look like a fucking shota, Ozymandias was way too young to fullfill the role of a Kamina-esque heroric aura figure. There was nothing about him that was in any way intimidating. The actor for Kovacs is also yet another good example of Snyders bad perception of the comic, Kovacs isn't this hot looking type of Wolverine badass guy. He's a sociopath kid that looks way too nice for his own good, he's the kid you wouldn't ever expect to be that heinous inside. That's why Rorschach is such a paradox, why he moves like a jock and everyone is creeped out, but only with his mask on. The actors for Eddy and Dan were fine though, just it's not like they're that hard to display. However there is no Heath Ledger Joker in this, and that was the only good thing Dark Knight had so Watchmen ergo has nothing.

In general this movie really was garbage. Even the soundtrack was nothing but a gigantic pile of boring and randomly assorted nostalgia bomb songs that are so overused even 90yo russians could sing along. Obviously none of them worked with the mood of the actual content of the movie. If you enjoyed the comic I really can't see how you could like this. Same with 300 and if you wanted to see it because of the director, 300 was a way better movie.

And I'm not even doing the comic nerd routine here, really. I am not one of those people that re-read Watchmen and that love all the little details and that know and understood everything about it but really this movie adaption was way too much simplified, even for me.